Why you must NOT use your tri suit in a swimming pool

Why you must NOT use your tri suit in a swimming pool

If you have a tri suit we bet you are training for triathlons which include running, cycling and swimming workouts.

Many triathletes have used their tri suits when training indoor in a swimming pool. Indoor training is great when it is cold outside.

To get used to the tri suit, some athletes use the tri suit when swimming in the pool.

But few athletes are aware that most tri suits are made of, or include a percentage of elastane fabric.

What is elastane and how is it used in sportswear?

Elastane is a synthetic fiber which can be extended by 400 – 700%. This fabric is perfect to you in cycling, swimming and running apparel to get a perfect body fit.

Elastane in Figata Ciclismo’s cycling apparel (2018) is often used in combination with polyester. In Denmark elastane is often used through the trademark “Lycra”.

So what's the problem about using a tri suit in a swimming pool?

Some types of elastane cannot withstand chlorine which is used to clean the water for bacteria in swimming pools. Your tri suit is in general defined as a "technical performance textile" which can lose its performance, fit and look when used in chlorine. 

Chlorine is not found in natural water which is why the tri suit can be used in competitions.