New Triathlon Suit for 2017

Anders Berendt has worked for half a year to complete a Figata tri suit. It is designed to be used in triathlon and iron man competitions, at the highest level.

Anders Berendt has some of the best experience in time trials and aerodynamics. Besides finishing 7th at the World Championship in Time Trial for U19 in 2004, Anders have worked with optimization of rider aerodynamics in wind tunnels where he learned from former Tour de France winner Bjarne Riis.


The 2017 Figata Tri Suit is developed with Danish triathlete Rasmus Næblerød. Rasmus is going to compete at the European Championships in Iron Man in Frankfurt, Germany, in 2017.


Tri suit pasform 2017

Head of Design at Figata, Anders Berendt, needed to gain knowledge about the padding used in triathlon suits, in order to come up with a premium product. Besides the huge amount of research and knowledge by Figata Ciclismo CEO, Thomas Smith - who has experience with triathlon, Anders has teamed up with Rasmus Næblerød to optimze the tri suits for the future. "Rasmus has already made a number of important observations which we have changed. I knew we should have a thin padding in the pants, which should dry quickly after being wet, but Rasmus has made me aware of additional pockets on the side of the pants, and the size and number of pockets on the back."


Tri suit with side pockets

The cut under the triathletes arms was also changed. "Rasmus has also helped to develop the upper body, where you need extra space for arm flexibility and movement under the arms when running. He has also made us aware of the length on the pants where tri pants ofter can slip on the skin when using a wetsuit. On figata's tri suit, we have extra mesh with rubber closure, which ensures that the pants do not slip on the skin" - explains Anders Berendt.


Thin and lightweight triathlon pad

It has been hard to find a great cycling pad for the tri suit. Figata has developed the tri suit from top to the bottom, but they choose to buy the triathlon pads from a external business partner. In the triathlon position, the trunk angle is narrower than when you are riding on the road bike. This means that you are putting more pressure on the nose of the saddle which Anders Berendt have a lot of experience with. This has been a priority when finding and testing the right padding for the pants. Therefore you'll find great support and high performance in the Figata Tri Suit Competition 1.0.


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